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We Are Green

We pride ourselves in our green credentials. Here are a few ways in which we do our bit to protect the environment.

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Breeding Ewes
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10 tonnes
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Welcome to
March House Farm

March House Farm near Melton Mowbray has been farmed by our family for over 100 years.

We have always bred and reared our own Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and now Turkeys on the home farm to ensure the provenance, welfare, quality and consistency of our stock and produce.

Native breeds have always been a passion of ours. They grow well on the lush grass fields that surround us and mature slowly to ensure the finest quality meat. 

Brothers Dan and Tom Belcher run the farm at home, ensuring the farm is as self-sufficient as possible, while the focus is ensuring the finest quality livestock for the farm butchery, we also have a growing arable enterprise as we strive to become all-encompassing within our farming practice, to provide full traceability and assurance through our entire food chain. Regenerative farming processes are become a main focus for the farms future, farming in harmony with the environment.

The Butchery side of the business was established in 1999 by Michael and Heather Belcher. It began as a small enterprise selling our home grown beef and lamb at one weekly farmers market, this has grown to the now 7 weekly Markets across London and Leicestershire.

The demand for hi welfare and home reared produce with consistency, quality and provenance has grown the business into  today’s busy bespoke farm butchery selling our home grown beef, lamb and pork, handmade sausages, home cured bacon, gammons, ham, cooked meats and locally sourced free range poultry.

We also sell mutton, game and veal seasonally plus our home reared Christmas Turkeys and locally sourced free range geese, cockerels, ducks and other Christmas birds.

With growing demand in the local area, the butchery has grown into the newly built Farm shop, Deli, Café and online shop.