Farm Shop Expansion

In this current COVID situation, there is no way for us to open the March House Farm Cafe in the it usual form. We have adapted by creating a Farm Shop expansion.

A reduced menu of food and drink items is available from our new Coffee Hut which has been open for several months and has become a firm favourite with all our customers. In it we have a coffee machine, serving our own blend of St. Martin’s coffee, and an array of ready-to-go snacks produced by our kitchen for your enjoyment. You can also order hot food which will be prepared for you to then take away. Sorry but now that we are in lockdown again, there are no options to eat on site.

The indoor cafe area has been transformed into an extension of the farm shop, with more display space and a clear one-way system for your safety and ours. Have a look at our farm shop expansion photos to see what we mean!

4 thoughts on “Farm Shop Expansion

  1. Emma Kirtland says:

    Can you please give me more information about your Mother’s Day offers. Saw it posted on Instagram but no detail. What are the costs and do you deliver?

    Many thanks

  2. Geoffrey Walker says:

    Will you be reopening the cafe on May 17th?
    We will be staying at Knotting Hill Barn House from 17 May till 21st May, we look forward to shopping with you during our stay.

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